My Lurcher Family


My first breeding pair of Lurchers, Gower, the offspring of a British National Coursing Champion, and Lady Guinevere (aka Gwena), are both from the famous David Platts Kennel - one of the top Greyhound X Deerhound breeders in England. My family also consists of Morgan and Carys, offspring of Gower and Gwena. The latest addition, Loki, was born in 2013 at the David Platts Kennel in England. He and Carys will carry on the breeding program.

Gwena & Gower

Mr. Morgan (back), Carys (front)


My Lurcher History

In 1999, I spent two weeks with a family in Wales and was introduced to their two lurchers: Candy, a Lab x Saluki, who had obviously met a wandering Wolfhound and the result was their daughter, Poppy. Candy and Poppy were so calm and good natured, I was completely won over. I have had dogs all my life - large and small and everything in between. I had tired of large, overly energetic dogs and had opted for the smaller ones. However, these Lurchers were amazing!

Shortly thereafter, I found my first Lurcher, Seren, at the Welsh Greyhound Rescue Society and flew her to California. Seren, which is Welsh for star, was the "perfect dog," and was happiest when being petted by strangers or family. Since I wanted her to have a running companion, I went online and found a rare American Lurcher breeder with Deerhound-Greyhound pups. He used his dogs to run down coyotes in Wyoming to the great joy of the local ranchers. The pup I got, Willow, was however, the least likely to expend energy to chase anything. I had no plans to add another dog to the kennel, however, so many people fell in love with Seren and Willow, I began dreaming of importing a bitch that would eventually produce American-born Lurchers.

In the spring of 2003, during another trip to Wales, I went to a Lurcher competition and happened to read a local publication featuring sales ads for Lurcher pups. About half of the ads emphasized that their bitch or dog was from a "David Platts dog." I decided to contact Mr. Platts and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is the premier breeder of Deerhounds x Greyhounds in Britain. All his dogs go back to Champion Greyhound or Deerhound blood lines. I ordered a bitch pup from his next litter and picked her up the following spring. This is how I added Lady Guinevere (Gwena) to the household. She has matured into the most beautiful, feminine, athletic Lurcher anyone could desire.

In April 2006, Gower, our Deerhound-Greyhound Lurcher puppy, was added to what is now an "all Lurcher" household. He became my kennel's first sire for what is sure to be a superior line of Deerhound x Greyhound Lurchers.

Together, Gower and Gwena produced two litters. Two pups, Mr. Morgan and Carys, still live with "the family" and the other 15 pups live across America and Canada.


Gower is a broken coated tan brindle, born in January 2006; he is 31" high and 100 pounds. Gower is 3/4 Deerhound x 1/4 Greyhound. His sire, Odin, is a former British Coursing Champion.

Lady Guinevere

Gwena is a silky coated red brindle, born in May 2004; she is 28" high and 65 pounds. Gwena is half Greyhound and half Deerhound.

Carys, daughter of Gwena and Gower, was born in July, 2009. She is a lively, independent lady who loves to hunt gophers. The plan is for her first litter to arrive in the fall of 2014.

Born in March 2013 at the David Platts Kennel in England he flew to California when he was 3 months old to join his new family and meet Carys, his future "wife". Loki is super smart and often lives up to his namesake (Loki is the name of the Norse God of Mischief).
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